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Benefits of Intuitive Healing & Online Teachings

Benefits of Intuitive Healing & Online Teachings

Benefits range and vary greatly on each person's pre and post care and attention to the teachings they are taking in. The more focus and awareness you bring with you to a session the greater value and benefit you will receive.Some Benefits you may experience are:...

Free Yoga Book Chapter

Free Yoga Book Chapter

Transformation.This is a word I am often drawn to and find comes up in my daily speech and thoughts. To me, transformation represents an outlook on life and how we perceive what is going on in the moment…I have found within my personal teachings that with awareness...

5 pillars of Elevated connections teachings

5 pillars of Elevated connections teachings

 I am an intuitive teacher and healer that offers teachings in personal & group mental, physical and emotional health by re-connecting clients & students to their own inner wisdom / knowing / intuition to better be able to make choices in their life that...

Community Living Concept

Community Living Concept

I have an extreme passion for this Community Living Concept and a deep desire in helping to empower people that are feeling stuck & unsupported in their lives. It is a true calling to be able to guide and consult those who are ready to step into their In-Powerment...

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