Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a Free Trial of a Program?

You can sign up for any program either directly on the website or on the ElevatedConnections App. Simply sign up on the App with your personal name and password, then choose which Program best suits your preference and interests. Click and check out for your free trial which will automatically disconnect and in order to continue with your Program you can pay to continue your Journey on the ElevatedConnections App Secure Stripe Payment. 

How do I pay for my Program or Service?

You can pay via Stripe directly on the website or on the ElevatedConnections App Check out Page

Is there a refund policy?

We do our very best to offer up lots of opportunities for checking out our teachings and programs for free and at your convenience. This is to really give you the right and privilege to make choices that are in your best interest. One of our main goals and teaching styles is to empower you to invest in yourself and to trust the choices you make.. even when things get a little challenging! which they will when you are doing the work 😉 it means you are on the right path and rolling over metaphorical rocks that you are ready to re-discover incredible things about yourself. We commit to being there and offering lots of space for you to take these crucial steps at your own pace.. in return we ask that you stay the course and trust the process. 

Can I try out your teachings for free?

Absolutely!! I believe that in order to make educated decisions in any aspect of life, you really do need to collect the required information to make the right choice for you and where you are in your life at this current time and place. With that in mind, I offer many unique and fun ways to interact and try out any of the programs I offer for a limited time. Plus I have some incredible opportunities for clients that sign up on my App, where I do regular live hosting sessions and offer all sorts of great free content. Join up today and see for yourself

Tell me more about the features?
Let me count the ways for you...
1) Free content allowing you access into any of the programs plus as soon as you sign up as a ElevatedConnections Member, you receive instant access to our Foundation Training, Elevating into Connections. 
2) Monthly 1-1 Discussions and Q&A 
3) You get the opportunity to join in a private community of people on the same journey as you: Ask questions, share your progress and help others out
4) Organize and get clear on your unique goals, needs, wants and desires in order to live a life that is created with your unique design!
5) Follow a proven process: a simple and time efficient set up that allows you to take baby bites out of daily micro habits and implementing them in a playful, engaging and Connected Way! Elevate your life in simple to use teachings
6) Track your progress: Check in to the app daily, weekly or monthly and update your progress towards your goals
7) Personal 1-1 Coaching and Teachings For YOUR NEEDS- Submit your progress and get regular feedback from your Elevated Connections Coach
8) Check In and Watch Personalized Teachings On Any Device- Tune in on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV at no extra cost
9) Join fun daily challenges to help keep you on track
10) Unlock New Content In Your Program AS You GO
11) Activated learning is proven to increase your results and retrain your brain towards a success-focused mindset
Is this just a program for Mindfulness?

There is wide variety of programs. My goal as a teacher, healer and guide is to make the process of elevating your personal belief systems and intuition into a simple and powerful micro-building adventure. Think of this process as a choose your own adventure book or layout. When you read the in-depth descriptions of the programs, feel which one calls to you the most and start there - from there it's an uncovering of personal aha moments that will unfold and be integrated as you are ready for the teachings. You take things at your pace, pause, reflect, change direction, get personal 1-1 or group support... the choices are all yours and are meant to empower you in listening to YOUR inner guide towards what makes YOUR life truly unique and filled with JOY.  

I missed the free information webinar, is there another one?

No problem! There's another webinar very soon and you can reserve your seat here

Will this work for me?

We have a variety of cases and niches, check out our case study link to listen and read up on people that began the journey right where you are. We meet you where you are and provide step by step training from day one. If you're just getting started, our Foundation Training (Elevating into Connections) is designed to help you re-connect to your needs, wants and desires to begin to ask yourself the questions that will get you on the clear and powerful path of self empowerment and beautiful connections. Sign yourself up on the ElevatedConnections app and get started today to see what incredible miracles can manifest with small micro steps taken each day.

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