Workshops & Events

Online Workshops

SELF Connection

4 Weekend Online workshops, my intention is to bring into each person’s unique awareness. Each workshop builds the students personal awareness & development about self.

Pre & Postnatal Connections

Private Online & in-person class, geared towards expecting or new mothers and couples. Build an experience around the pregnancy that is empowering and uplifting.

Reconnection Workshop

3 Part series that ties in all elements of connection within Learning and finding your unique touch stone for self/others/environment and creative joy-filled loving.

In Person Workshops & Events

Re-Connection Workshop

This 4 part series ties in all elements of connection. Learning and finding our unique touch stone to self, others, environment, & creative joy centre. 

BodyWork workshop

Think of this workshop as a fun and safe way to give and receive body work that opens and releases the muscles and myo-facial in a group setting. Each person will leave class getting the opportunity to work on and receive the benefits of healing touch. 

Acroyoga PLAY

This is the next step in learning about acro. You will begin to learn combined moves and how to begin to explore the many ideas and creative ways to “play” with the body and find it’s unique strengths and challenge areas. Always focusing on safety but allowing a lot more elements of creating.

Partner Yoga Workshop

Have fun and learn a different way to stretch with a friend/family or spouse. This class will have you laughing and feeling stretched and connected in no time! 

Yoga Adjustment workshop

Get ready to learn how to do adjustments for others and self while in specific yoga poses. Great class for Yoga instructors that want a more hands on approach to their classes, or just a wonderful in depth learning of connection to the body while in poses. 

Acroyoga EXPLORE

As you gain confidence and begin to want to test the limits of your mind/body/awareness connection.. you will have the opportunity to learn skills in simple and powerfully simple terms, so by the end of this workshop you will see drastic changes in how you explore your own unique body and how to be open to finding fun ways of working with others in artistic creations. 

Beginner Acro Yoga

Acroyoga is a fun and creative form of movement that is experienced with a base, a flyer as well as at least one supportive person. In this Flow style teachings you work with your body’s unique strengths to find out what feels right and comfortable for you in the moment.

AcroYoga Foundations Workshop

Acroyoga is a fun and creative form of combining movement & connection using several bodies to base and fly and support each other. This builds open communication, increases flexibility, & adds powerful stability to your core and body awareness. The amazing part of acro is the inclusive concept of working with several people to build friendships and trust in a community atmosphere.
This class will teach the basics and most importantly the safety behind this incredibly fun and laughter filled experience.

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