I have an extreme passion for this Community Living Concept and a deep desire in helping to empower people that are feeling stuck & unsupported in their lives. It is a true calling to be able to guide and consult those who are ready to step into their In-Powerment of connecting to their lives with an open heart & with intention choose to live in a community living environment and setup. 

For myself personally I work towards self growth to continuously lean into my own higher self, to be a kind, honest and guiding light for others. Ultimately falling down often, yet trusting and allowing myself to lean into my own lessons and make the conscious choice to grow forward with hopefully a few more tools in my proverbial toolkit 🙂 Opening up the opportunity for my daughter to learn and grow by being surrounded by people filled with inner and outer resilience and unique qualities so that she too may learn from each person she comes in contact with to expand her heart and learn from the many Life lessons.

I feel the world needs connection and in one way or another we are starving for it… just like our bodies can truly not survive without oxygen… connection is like oxygen to the soul.

Somewhere along our spirit’s evolutionary path we have started to learn to survive with no air for our souls… where will this take us from here???

the choice is ours to explore and understand It is my mission to present the soon to be forgotten option to breath again… what will your choice be??

Stay connected for ALL updates on availability

Please leave your email information and a description of yourself and what your hopes are around living in a Multi- Generational community household. We will contact you if a spot opens up in our community shared household.

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