Benefits range and vary greatly on each person’s pre and post care and attention to the teachings they are taking in. The more focus and awareness you bring with you to a session the greater value and benefit you will receive.

Some Benefits you may experience are:

  • Relief of muscle, structural soreness
  • Balancing of hormones
  • Re-setting of sleeping patterns (circadian rhythm issues from stress, sleep disorders, night-shift workers)
  • Diminishing or releasing cravings of food/alcohol/life addictions &/or patterns
  • Balancing bio-chemical imbalances (ex: SAD, jet-leg)
  • Digestive issues related to balancing slow or fast transit cycles, lack of proper absorption of foods, digestive blockages (allergies/food sensitivities/irregular eating patterns/lack of hydration)
  • Neurological disturbances such as MS, chronic fatigue, addiction recovery and chemo fatigue
  • Lymphatic drainage and release of built of toxin storage centers in the body
  • Natural releasing Detoxification process in mind, body and intuitive elements
  • Migraines and chronic headaches
  • Tension-related stress disorders
  • Lessening of Concussion symptoms
  • Relieving pain from Fibromyalgia
  • Releasing tension from TMJ symptoms
  • Adjustments of the spine/ release tension of Scoliosis
  • Balancing and calming ADD/ADHD patterns
  • Releasing patterns or behaviours of PTSD
  • Empowering self aware thoughts and emotional confidence
  • Increased creativity
  • Emotional awareness
  • Mental stability
  • Increase immune system and stabilize energy levels

This list of Benefits are experienced because I approach healing from a 360 degree perspective. This is the foundation of who I am in this lifetime and how I present my unique teachings and healing to all my clients. Powerful work occurs when the client brings their heart, awareness and a deep need or craving to learn how to empower themselves in their own life’s journey and exploration.

I am in a supporting role that’s primary focus is to ignite your inner knowing and intuitive healing with guidance from my sessions that combine both physical in-person sessions and online teachings to properly offer deep, creative and inspirational insight into your healing and empowering you to learn, grow and take action in your life in the best way that works for you.

How each session begins: both in person and online sessions always begin with intention and some reflection time to “land” in the space of healing and Self/Co-Creation Connections

1) Possible prep before zoom call/ arriving in-person: is doing some light stretching, meditation, vibration, inversion, throat clearing/humming, writing intentions/journaling, reflective quiet walk, creative time with art/sketch, gentle music listening, observation skills(inward/outward) from teachings

2) Client arrives either on the zoom call or in-person at my studio. Gets comfortable (clothing/temperature/noise level/rid space of distractions like cell/people)

3) 5-15 mins as needed by client(s) to go into a form of Elevated Connections zen meditation and to practice the Elevated Connections teachings that they are currently working with incorporating into their life’s mini-rituals or habits.

4) Session begins either with in-person healing, online healing, opening up discussion circle with 1-1 or group

5a) Closing the healing sessions ends with a minimum of 5-10 mins of reflective time either on zoom or on the massage table and just using that time to “digest” the session in what way feels right. This portion is closed with a sound vibration of tuning forks that allows you to know it’s been 10 mins and gives energetic permission for the layers of self to re-connect in order to move forward with the clients day

5b) Possible after-care for client after zoom call/in-person session: meditative writing/drawing/idea brain dump, allow body to flow into unique positions of great comfort and release, breathwork (1-5mins), gentle walk or sitting in space of quiet and solitude before continuing on with day

6) Important prep to consider when taking on this ritual of powerful healing in one’s life: treat these sessions as important factors in your day. Not just another “to do list item” to be checked off. This brings in a whole new level of healing and awareness that can transform the experience from being “nice and relaxing” to being a truly transformative experience that only YOU can allow yourself to explore and dive deeper into the experience of where it will take you.

7) When you find your rituals that are transformative for you…Make it a priority, do not do last minute “fixes” when it comes to giving back to yourself. In a world that has a LOT of communication around self care and healing terms abound everywhere… quality is something that is in my opinion not being expressed. Quality time and service to yourself (filling your cup or the metaphor I enjoy is putting your own life saving device on yourself before you help others)… extremely important the intention and the focus you put into that act. Be with yourself and don’t diminish the power you have in your own creative healing opportunities. There is NO HEALING if you are not ready to do your own inner work… take that power back and be mindful of just “giving it up” in non stop routines that are missing the crucial element of intention and self-realization.

8) Have your support systems and guides to be there to offer suggestions, have teachings that allow you to continue along your personalized growth pattern. You are blessed with a life of opportunity and when you are open; kindness to your inner & outer self resonates in every action/emotion/belief system and life step you take… the ripple effect of tapping into your inner knowing is boundless.

9) Take time to process the life lessons and creations you are currently “working on” producing into the 3D world.. a lot of time I have noticed beautiful creative clients are diving deep into their inner knowing and feeling/seeing the effects of this. Just as they are getting the outcome and self-realizations.. it is very normal and almost to be expected past belief systems and life situations will seemingly “POP” out of nowhere… this stage is so important and for a lot of clients, can create intimidating/uncomfortable feels around this time. The reality is- if they do not lean into and take time for the “glide” & curiosity portion of the transformation they miss the true heart essence of the Joy in their creation and instead just speed onto “What’s next!” and usually end up having to re-create the same lesson or creation again from scratch down the line in their life’s story.

AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME: I am not taking any new in-person clientele. However there are options of participating in my online programs and free offerings, zoom video sessions (combo 1-1 & group session) and remote healing/deep intuitive sessions.

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