I am an intuitive teacher and healer that offers teachings in personal & group mental, physical and emotional health by re-connecting clients & students to their own inner wisdom / knowing / intuition to better be able to make choices in their life that enhance their connections to Self, Others, Environment, Creativity and their unique Joy Centers.

Elevated Connections Methodology is a simple yet consistent process of developing and a-tuning your unique micro connections to your physical, mental, emotional and inner guidance or intuition needs. This opens you up to feeling balanced, grounded, secure in your mind, body and environment.

Each lessons gives the gift of tapping into your inner knowing, which brings forth confidence in self, relationships & decision making that affects how you approach and live life. As you lean into this multi-optioned method of learning and growth that caters to Your needs and desires, you will find over time you bring with you the ability to be less controlled or impacted by others or situations.

Instead making conscientious choices that form inner peace and joy that ripples a positive effect of all those you encounter and choose to connect with.


5 Pillars of Elevated Connections Teachings:


Self – confidence, energy level, feeling balance and empowered in your life’s goals
Others -balance of giving and receiving through open kind heart/mind principle that form the groundwork within every type and style of relationships

Environment – build a space that feels creative, safe, nurturing and organized
Creativity – learn to lean into your unique style and freeform of creativity that opens up a portal of intuition

Evolving Joy Center – Our Joy shifts and flows with our constant inner and outer growth. Learn to navigate your joy so that even when life will inevitably bring forward heavy sensations your Connection to your Joy is solid and unbreakable

Elevate your:

Mental – meditation, breath work, mind mapping, creativity

Emotional – tuning in, lean in to your emotions, creativity

Physical – learning your unique balance between flexibility (resilient & allowing) and strength (determination & action) within the physical body that connects to how we create our life’s reality

Spirit/Subconscious self/Inner knowing – visualizations, meditations, metaphysical enquiry and curiosities that allow the opportunity of the brain/logic and feel centers to re-align & support each other

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